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Classic Black & White

Truth be told, there is no easier formula than a chic black & white look, but the magic is in the selection of items. I am a true lover of all things black & white, and find more often than not, that I am in some variation of the classic combo. Keep reading to find out why this look from JD Williams had me feeling like a style star!

Contrasting colors, complimentary silhouettes, juxtaposed fabrics - the options are endless when it comes to a chic and effortless black and white ensembles. And the more fun and creative you get with mixing & matching, the better the look becomes! Somewhere along the way on my style journey, I realized that I prefer creatively dressing through minimal, timeless pieces. That's not to say I don't love a bright sweater or the perfectly printed maxi dress, but the majority of my wardrobe and everyday dressing consists of staple wardrobe pieces in neutral colors, all of which can be easily mixed and matched to create a fun and new ensemble.

As a stylist, I need to be comfortable and polished but stylish enough to make an impression on my clients. I can't be too showy, can't be too over the top (well, not on the job at least) and usually need to be able to move and run around with ease. A simple and chic black & white look helps me achieve all of that effortlessly.

In keeping with my 2017 mantra, "Less Stuff, More Stories" I decided to take on a minimal look with chic and simple pieces from one of my favorite brands, JD WIlliams. To be honest, a classic LBD should be hanging in every woman's closet. (This is your reminder to invest in one if you haven't already). But, if you're like me and keep 3-4 in constant rotation, than having a winter-ready version is key. This long sleeve, turtleneck skater dress was the perfect addition to my wardrobe. Comfortable, lightweight, seasonally appropriate (these NYC winters are cruel ya'll), and easy to layer and style with just about anything!

I paired it with a black hat, black ankle booties and a statement making black and white coat for a bold pop of contrast that is both fashion forward and functional. The coat was cozy enough for me to wear around town as I do showroom pulls and the material and print made it a standout piece. Add a final touch via pair of chic sunnies and voila- a chic, effortless, bold classic look in timeless black and white.

STYLE TIP: If you overheat easily (like I do), choose wisely with layering. I knew this turtleneck skater dress would be a great base layer, so I chose a more lightweight coat, like this Johanna Hope Check, to complete the look. A heavier winter coat would have had me sweating (read: dying) as the day went on!

Clothes c/o JD Williams

Photos: Courtney Siragusa


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