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2017 SAG Awards Nominee Beauty Challenge

Just the other day I was making "Write a Beauty Blog" number 9 on my to do list and before I crossed off number 2, the universe had presented me with a game plan! Keep reading to find out how I ended up trying to look like Emma Stone & what other blog pals are in on this fun 2017 SAG Awards Nominee Beauty Challenge!

How did I end up doing this beauty post, exactly? It's simple.... I had a conversation a few weeks ago with friend that went something like this;

Friend: "What lipstick are you wearing, what mascara do you use, you are obsessed with highlighter right?, which is your favorite"?

Me: "I guess I should really start blogging about beauty, huh?"

I, of course, avoided doing so and went about my business. (read: procrastination). Then all of a sudden, I had been given the opportunity to join in on this 2017 SAG Nomination Beauty Challenge alongside some of my favorite blogger gal pals (thanks universe) and voila- here we are. I guess it's the age old "procrastinate, have a friend ask and eventually ye shall receive, even if you aren't technically built for beauty blogging and don't know what you're doing with makeup 75% of the time".

Anywayyyyyy, here we are! With me trying to be like Emma Stone in La La Land. (laughter ensues from crowd). I'll give you a minute to compose yourselves... because I too found it hysterical.

The challenge rules were simple: select a nominee, create a look from their film. Seems easy, right? NO! Why? Because I had to go and make things difficult for myself (no surprise here). Originally, I