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2017 SAG Awards Nominee Beauty Challenge

Just the other day I was making "Write a Beauty Blog" number 9 on my to do list and before I crossed off number 2, the universe had presented me with a game plan! Keep reading to find out how I ended up trying to look like Emma Stone & what other blog pals are in on this fun 2017 SAG Awards Nominee Beauty Challenge!

How did I end up doing this beauty post, exactly? It's simple.... I had a conversation a few weeks ago with friend that went something like this;

Friend: "What lipstick are you wearing, what mascara do you use, you are obsessed with highlighter right?, which is your favorite"?

Me: "I guess I should really start blogging about beauty, huh?"

I, of course, avoided doing so and went about my business. (read: procrastination). Then all of a sudden, I had been given the opportunity to join in on this 2017 SAG Nomination Beauty Challenge alongside some of my favorite blogger gal pals (thanks universe) and voila- here we are. I guess it's the age old "procrastinate, have a friend ask and eventually ye shall receive, even if you aren't technically built for beauty blogging and don't know what you're doing with makeup 75% of the time".

Anywayyyyyy, here we are! With me trying to be like Emma Stone in La La Land. (laughter ensues from crowd). I'll give you a minute to compose yourselves... because I too found it hysterical.

The challenge rules were simple: select a nominee, create a look from their film. Seems easy, right? NO! Why? Because I had to go and make things difficult for myself (no surprise here). Originally, I was going to choose one of the more simple, flirty, feminine looks from the film. Perhaps the fun blue dress, I thought. Or that bold yellow dress w/ that clean simple face of makeup. I noticed I was focusing more on the wardrobe than the makeup. I needed to stay focused on the task at hand, and even though the fashion drives me more, the beauty was the topic and I needed to choose something that would kick off this "beauty blogging" thing with a bang!

There are SO many options from La La Land that felt doable, but I went and chose this look. The makeup isn't the challenge for me, since this is pretty much my standard go-to look (read: clean face, red lip). What DID feel like a challenge, however, was that in this particular look, Emma Stone's facial expressions were strong, focused, and most importantly non-smiley. And if I were going to do a copycat/interpretation/variation of the two- I may as well commit to it, right?

At the end of the day, we all prefer to see ourselves a certain way. For me, I prefer looking at photos where I'm smiling or laughing. It's the most authentic, I think, but at the same time its unrealistic to suggest I'm always jolly AF. Sometimes I am, just like Emma Stone's character Mia, focused, determined and non-smiley. I bet if someone snapped a picture of me on set, blogging, or presenting a look to a client... that THIS non-smiley version of me is likely what you would see. You'd see, just as we see in Mia in La La Land, a poised, determined, laser-focused, goal-oriented, dream-driven woman.

This particular point in the film is an important one. I won't ruin it for those of you who haven't seen the film yet (BTW, GO SEE IT ASAP), but it's a life altering moment for Stone's character Mia. It's a moment where she walks in her ambitious determination and becomes exactly who she wants to be. It's a moment I think we can all relate to, and one of the reasons I specifically chose this look (beyond the straight-faced challenge).

Because at the end of the day, there is something so beautiful about pushing past your fears and following your dreams.

And that beauty, is beauty worth blogging about!

Here's a jolly one for the road... ;)

Photo Cred: Kevin Schultz

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And in case you want to join in on the challenge and create your own version of this look, you can shop all the products I used on my SHOP PAGE! .


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