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Create Your Own Holiday Style feat. Lane Bryant

I know it may feel a little early, with Thanksgiving not even in the rear view mirror yet, but when the holiday happiness strikes- embrace it!!! Which is why I was so excited to partner with my Lane Bryant and Cacique Intimates family on this #createyourholiday takeover alongside my best gal pals for a fashionable, holiday-inspired Girl's Night Out! I mean, who wouldn't want to get glammed with their friends, have some drinks, have LOTS of laughs and do it all in fantastic threads. AMIRIGHT???

Honestly, its all the things I love in one cute little pre-thanksgiving, pre-christmas package! Friends, fashion and Christmas!

I know everyone loves the holidays, but I LOVE love the holiday season. Yes, TWO loves. And while trimming the tree, covering my house with twinkle lights and jamming to christmas music are all very important and very exciting aspects of my holiday traditions and celebrations, its really the gathering of friends and impromptu get togethers that make the season so bright!

The season can feel overwhelming for most of us, and I it can be easy to get wrapped up in the buying and gifting and buying and wrapping of it all. But as I joined my girls for a fun night of laughter (and photos lol) it made me think about how important time spent with friends and family truly is. Without the merriment and love, the material items and the purchases mean nothing! Don't stress this season, instead I implore you all to remember that the best gift of all is the priceless gift of time.

So this holiday season, lets do more memory making!! Shall we?

In the spirit of memory making, I am sharing our Girl's Night Out fun AND including some of my favorite things to do in NYC during the holiday season. AND I want to know what your favorites are too, so head over THIS POST on Insta :) and share with me in the comment section.

Got sassy with the ladies for a quick pic, but we all know the real me is JOLLY AF like the below pic!

We poured some drinks, did our hair and makeup, pumped music and danced around having the best time together while getting ready for our night on the town.

Honestly, we would have been just as happy chillin' in the room chit chatting and laughing but we did hit the city streets for a fun dinner out on the town.

Looking to create your own Girl's Night Out? Here's a list of a few of my favorite activities


Don't forget, Lane Bryant and Cacique Intimates has you covered for the holidays with lots of sales and fun holiday events, so stay close to their page (and mine, you know I love LB and always share the scoop), and enjoy your season in style!!!

This is a PAID partnership with LANE BRYANT, but as always everything in this post is my own opinion and 100% honest because, DUH. I keep it real!

BIG Thank you to my GIRLS; GAVYN, MADDY, KELLY for being amazing friends. Love you all.

MANY Thanks to TJ for being our amazing photographer.

BIGGEST thanks of all, always, to my LANE BRYANT FAMILY.


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