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Classroom Chic feat. Catherines

I saw a meme online the other day that really made me laugh. It read; "August, just one long Sunday". This, of course, was posted by a friend of mine who was a teacher. And I laughed, hard. Really Hard.

I'm not a teacher but I know, am friends with and are related to a TON of amazing teachers (one of which is my sister). And it got me thinking....

I was NOT the biggest fan of school. Sure, I loved the social aspect (obviously). But I didn't LOVE learning the way some of my friends, or my sister, did. What I did love, and remember fondly, were all my teachers. Of course there were bad days. And if I'm being honest some "bad apples" when it came to the teacher category LOL. But when I think back on my years of schooling, I always think about how incredibly special my teachers made me feel. Its those moments that I think are the important ones. Not the lessons learned in books, but the kindness between teacher / student. Having someone other than your parents believe and see something in you at such a young age is such a beautiful thing.

The more I listen to stories from friends / family members who are educators, the more I realize how incredibly challenging the job is. And, every educator I know will tell you- as challenging it is, it is equally as rewarding, if not more.

Educators spend more time with your children, than they do with their own. They dedicate countless hours (way beyond what they are contracted for) each week to ensure not only is the curriculum prepared but that the classroom is ready for whatever the kids may need to survive the week and be made to feel comfortable and at home. Because, after all, school is their second home.