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Memorial Day Weekend w/ Lane Bryant

Q: What do you get when you take 4 friends, a summer house, fabulous plus size clothing c/o of our friends at Lane Bryant & a few days of great weather?

A: You get the most epic 3 day extravaganza filled with love, laughter, friendship and A LOT OF GOOD LOOKS!!!!

AKA ... YOU. GET. THIS.......

Honestly, the key to a great weekend getaway with the girls is, in fact, the girls! But it didn't hurt having some fantastic looks provided by our friends at Lane Bryant! From Cacique Lounge to Cacique Swim, Lane Bryant Dresses and Casual Looks, we were covered for every inch of our girls trip! Keep reading to see what I wore, what we did, and how much time we spent laughing our faces off!!!

We arrived to the Hamptons hungry and tired from a long trip out. After settling into our place, hanging our clothes (hello, I'm a stylist y'all... its all about organizing the wardrobe!) and making a plan for the next day, we decided to get on our dresses and hit the town!

We headed to Tutto Il Giorno (a group favorite) for a lovely al fresco dinner under a beautiful summer sky! Honestly, the sentence sounds so extra but our dinner was beautiful and perfect and deserves an extra description like that! We spent the night chatting, catching up and laughing while we sipped wine and stuffed our faces with delicious desserts (hello affogato, my love).

Honestly, a lot of the time we spend together is work related (and this trip was, as well). But we spent this ENTIRE dinner sharing old family stories, talks of friendships and tales of trips and boys. It was really refreshing to be able to actually chill with the girls, it was long overdue!

I wore this gorgeous floral chiffon midi dress to dinner and fell in LOVE. I don't have a lot of blue in my closet but TRUST, I am going to be adding lots more. LOVE the bright happy feeling of this look.

Some style notes; The high neck is modest but still sexy with a little peek-a-boo detailing and the ruffle hemline is so flirty!

Size Note: I am wearing a size 22/24 and am 5'7".

All of us in our print dresses (all available now @ 40% off!!)


After we filled up on wine, we hit the hay for a good night sleep , knowing well we were in for a long day of pool & fun!


Love that we all mix/matched our looks to create a gorgeous, chic black and white story. Personally, I wear a lot of black in general (comes with the job I guess), but I love having a chic black swim look - especially for vacation because its easy to accessorize with!

I am wearing the Balconette Swim Top & Side Slit Skirted Bottom. I prefer modest coverage (and my marshamallow white stomach prefers not to see the sun and burn like bacon), so this suit was PERFECT for me! I typically swap a skirted bottom for an ultra high waisted bottom (like Maddy has on) throughout the season.

Style Note: Want a super chic look? Pair with all black accessories and a red lip for a Hollywood glam effect!

Size Note: I am wearing a 20 on the bottom and a 44DD (my bra size) on the top. Cacique swim tops with the bras fit so true to size and provide so much support!