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24 Hr Wander: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Because who wouldn’t love a weekend getaway to sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida! Keep reading for the scoop on where to get your morning cup of joe, the best spots for cocktails & dancing AND how to best spend your limied time. PLUS, I’m giving you the scoop on what I threw in my carry on bag for effortless fashion all weekend long (thanks to my friends at Lane Bryant!)!

I’m a live life to the fullest girl.

I know, everyone says that, but I really do work hard to make every moment of every day count. So, when the time came to book my cousin Tim’s 40th Birthday Weekend and it happened to be just two days after I returned from my week long Italian adventure, I could have hesitated and said no it’s too much. BUT, not me. Nope, I didn’t think twice about it! I thought to myself, sure, I’ll be exhausted, but I can sleep on the plane!

Special thank you to #LaneBryant for providing the Birthday Boy w/ this Sleepshirt! #unisex

My cousin Tim is like a brother to me, so celebrating BIG was the only option. And, if I’m being honest, laying in a pool float drinking spiked seltzers sounded like the perfect post- Italy “recovery” weekend. The one thing I didn’t think about was packing. I had completely disregarded the fact that I would have to unpack, do laundry and re pack all while working for those few days I was home BEFORE leaving again. Fortunately for me, my friends at Lane Bryant were kind enough to help a wandering soul out!

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