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24 Hr Wander: Meg’s guide to Coffee, Cocktails & Fun!

Over the years I’ve come to use the word wanderlust in my personal story often. My life description, if you will. That need to explore, to discover and to connect with people from every walk of life has always taken precedence. It’s a part of me, has been since I was a kid, and as I grow older and nurture that side of me I realize it’s truly a part of who I am. The desire to watch the sunrise on the other side of the world was never a fleeting thought, it’s was a constant.

The more I think about the idea of wanderlust, the more I realized I am forever on the search for the next adventure. Travel is such a BIG part of my life. Yet I don’t share as much as I should. I mean, the whole purpose of the blog is to share pieces of who I am and what I do in hopes of inspiring and entertaining others. Fashion is a HUGE part of my life. I love it, it’s been taking up space in my brain for as long as I can remember. And I enjoy sharing that with you all. But what about the rest of my time? What about the adventures, the travel, the family and friends!

So I decided, how on earth could I be writing about personal style and sharing bits of my life and be leaving out such a big part of who I am? So here we are…… an updated site (hope you guys like it!), a new section of the blog and tons new adventures on the horizon. In this new feature, I’ll be sharing my top picks for cocktails, coffee, food and all of my favorite things to do for fun in each destination!

So, let’s take the free time we have and MAKE IT COUNT.

Introducing… LLD 24 Hour Wander!


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