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3 Tips for Becoming an Athleisure All Star

My personal style is really one of two things. I'm either in full on glam w/ a look to match or (more often than not) I'm in toned down glam in an on-the-go easy to wear athleisure look. Keep reading to find out all the details on this awesome athleisure ensemble from JD Williams plus my tips on how to dress down with polish!

My "9-5" is unique in that every day is different and I don't hold the same restrictive schedule as others may. As a stylist, my schedule changes often - something I absolutely love! But one thing that doesn't change is the hustle and manual labor that goes into the job. What most people don't realize,I think, is that 75% of my job as a stylist just really means that I'm running around the city from showroom to showroom, store to store, parking garage to parking garage lugging garment bags and trunks of clothes, accessories, shoes and more. There is lot of "putting your back into it" moments, and because of that my daily wardrobe needs to rise to the occasion. And, if I'm being completely honest, on the days I'm not shooting I'm usually shuffling my nieces to/from their day to day activities. So, all in all, my daily looks need to be easy, comfortable, versatile and non-constricting. Read: Heels and Dresses are reserved for special events and weekend dinners.

All that basically means I've had to create somewhat of a "work" uniform over the years. Lucky for me, with the ever popular athleisure trend here to stay, its become easier to put together comfortable, simple, chic looks that will take me anywhere I need to go!

Here are three tips to help you take on the athleisure trend!!

1. It's all in the details

This look, for example, from JD Williams was the perfect outfit to tackle a long day of errands. And while it was doing it's job being super comfortable and easy to run around in, it was also a number of details tied into one look that made this ensemble effortlessly chic. I mean, it's no surprise leggings are the comfiest of comfy, but when you find a pair with cool design details like moto-inspired ribbing or a mesh panel, it elevates the look!