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3 Ways to Look Great on Valentine's Day

Getting stressed come so easily these days, especially when we're trying to have the "perfect" moment unfold. This Valentine's Day I encourage you to ditch the "perfect" moments and just have some fun! SO to help you do just that (reminder: less stress, more FUN) & make the prep a little easier, I'm sharing three ways to look great on Valentine's Day! Do my tips include this amazing JD Williams dress? Yes, yes they do! Keep reading for all the details...

From hunting down reservations at your favorite restaurant to finding your lucky lipstick, the hype around Valentine's Day can be exhausting. Here are three ways you can look (and feel) great on Valentine's Day.


Full disclosure; this post is SUPER late (sorry). Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I wanted to have this up for all of you way in advance, especially so you can snag this awesome dress. But, life happened. Well, life and two snow storms happened....

I love shooting outdoors, and will normally brave any elements to get the shot, but with two back to back storms and a crazy schedule- things got totally derailed and this shoot and post got pushed back. Thankfully, there is a lesson in everything we do, a silver lining in every dark cloud. It was during the chaos of rescheduling my shoot (twice) and delaying this post that I changed my content entirely. Inspiration struck and I realized one of the best ways to look great this Valentine's Day is to just go with the flow! Things will happen, reservations will get cancelled, the train will be delayed, the seam on your dress may rip - who cares?! Focus on the celebration of LOVE. Enjoy the moments, good and bad, and just go with the flow!. Your V Day (or any day for that matter) will be THAT much more fun because of it!


Its one part flirty, one part sweet, one part romantic and one part sexy! No, not me (well, kinda), but it's a dress, any dress, it's the dress that speaks to you! If you look for what looks and feels best on YOU, and stop worrying about the trends/what "so and so" is wearing and all that other noise - you'll realize that with just a pinch of this and a touch of that - one garment can make you feel like a queen. It's the magic of a special piece, and it's one of my favorite feelings. That feeling of knowing who you are, being proud of that and finding a garment that brings it all together. This is the ultimate goal for me as a stylist, to ensure my client's always get this feeling. And so, I'm sharing it with ya'll. Find the dress - the one that makes you want to twirl. The one that puts the extra pep in your step. The one that makes you feel like YOU- and BUY IT. Don't wait, don't hesitate- do it for you. Because at the end of the day, you deserve to shower yourself with a gift (or two)!

This dress from JD Williams made me feel classy, sassy and a touch of sexy!

Style Tip: I am not a bodycon girl. I am not a "show lots of skin" girl. I am the "you don't need to show it all to shine" girl - and I stand strong in that. BUT, I support you in whatever you wear. Remember, whatever you do, just find what feels good and wear it proudly!


I am NOT a relationship expert. Never was, probably never will be. And I have made a fair amount of bad "love" decisions, but the BEST decision I've ever made was to fall in love with myself. Cliche, I know, but true nonetheless. Because at the end of the day, you are who you spend the most time with so work hard to love every inch of you. Love your life, love your family, love others. Love, by definition- is an intense feeling of deep affection. SO fall deeply for everything this world has to offer and celebrate that. Be true to yourself, follow your heart, trust your dreams and celebrate L O V E.

I am not a sappy person, but sometimes a side of cheese is just what we need! LOL!

Happy Valentine's Day and Keep on LOVING on!


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