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3 Ways to pamper yourself this Valentine's day (And every other day)!

For as long as I can remember, Valentine’s Day has always been about self-love in my house. At an early age, my mom made sure my sister and I knew that loving yourself and celebrating that was and is paramount! And so, as I got older I adapted fun ways to celebrate me, myself and I – and all the love I have for them.

I believe in the magic of self-love. I believe in the power of my daily affirmation, “When you look good, you feel good” and I believe that every now and then it pays to pamper yourself. Sure, I probably do it more than my bank account appreciates, but it’s MY way of keeping sane. So, for Valentine’s day join in on the self-love celebration and check out my 3 ways to pamper yourself this Valentine’s day!

1. Wear that new outfit you’ve been “saving”

Time doesn’t wait for anyone. And why would you hold off and deprive yourself of the magical feeling that happens when you put on something new and fabulous. I never wait to wear anything because at the end of the day, none of us know if we have tomorrow or not! So wear your finest threads proudly, feel sexy and confident and incredible and own that moment!

2. Swipe on your favorite something!

I know, it seems silly. But the truth is, we all have that one that we put on and suddenly feel like ourselves. A signature shade, a specific brand, a certain nail polish, your signature fragrance. For me, it’s a red lip (and a pair of sunglasses). From an early age, I remember my Grandmother always saying to me “all you need is a pair of sunglasses and some lipstick”. It stuck. Well, everything from her stuck, she was my person. But, as soon as I could I remember lipstick was a thing for me. I used to take jelly beans and use them as a pigment on my lips! So as an adult, swiping on my special shade makes me feel like Me. Trust the process, find what adds that pep in your step and wear it! Celebrate!

3. Pour some bubbly

I love champagne. Not just because its sexy and sassy and all of that (because it is), but because I love the moments tethered to champagne. It’s a celebratory cocktail, so whenever I drink it I am reminded of all the love-filled, joyous times. For me (and my friends/family), champagne is a go-to drink for celebrations. You and your loved ones may have a different go-to cocktail or drink, but whatever it is- open it up, pour it out and enjoy! Because what better thing to celebrate than the love we all have for ourselves and for one another?!

Moral of the story? Any time is the right time to look and feel your best! For me, it doesn’t need to be Valentine’s Day, I make time to celebrate my life and happiness whenever I can because ultimately, life is too short not to. Fall in love with yourself this Valentine’s Day…. And do a little pampering ;)

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