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9-5 Glam featuring JD Williams

In the spirit of my "Less Stuff, More Stories" mantra for 2017, I challenged myself to re-think, re-style & re-wear pieces in my wardrobe. Just because something was purchased with a special occasion in mind, doesn't mean it's reserved specifically for that. Right? Right! Keep reading to find out how I turned my JD Williams "holiday" pieces into 9-5 glam!

I hear it all the time "Meaghan, I have so much stuff in my closet but I don't know what to do with it". Or, "I got this great dress for the holidays, but now I can never wear it again". The "one & done" idea of fashion plagues everyone! The trick is to take a step back, move around some pieces and re-think your whole wardrobe with a fresh set of eyes and new perspective. And what better time to do that than post-holidays when you have that "new year" focus. I am all about a good seasonal purchase, don't get me wrong, but it's so much more fun (and creatively challenging) to re-work what you already own! Not only does it save you money, but it allows you to express yourself through fashion in different ways throughout the year.


The key to successfully re-working your wardrobe is to make smart purchases from brands whose DNA is made of both fashion & quality. After all, it's much easier to re-work and re-style something that will last vs. a fast fashion piece that is only going to make it through one spin cycle! JD Williams has such a vast selection of quality, fashionable pieces at a great price that they've become a go-to source for me! I partnered with them for some holiday pieces that I knew I could re-work into the new year!

Just because something has a touch of sparkle or shine, doesn't mean it's reserved for the holidays! The key is balance! Allow your standout item to standout by pairing it with complimentary pieces that don't overpower it's special quality. I transitioned this metallic pleated skirt from its holiday limbo into an anytime 905 glam ensemble with simple add-ons like a mock neck turtleneck in a neutral cream and a boucle jacket! Topped it off with simple pumps and a fun pair of sunglasses and just like that- the metallic is no longer evening-only.

STYLE TIP: I also wore this skirt as an evening look w/ heels, an off the shoulder bodysuit & a choker for a more fun, on-trend, sassy ensemble!

Whether or not you re-work your holiday pieces into the new year, the point is, don't be afraid to stand out. Don't be afraid to sparkle mid-week, or shine on a low-key Sunday. Remember, for me this year is all about #lessstuffmorestories, and if that means I need to re-work my wardrobe a few times & become more creative with outfitting so my time and efforts go towards creating memories- then so be it! Happy Styling :)

Photography: Courtney Siragusa

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