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April Skincare Favorites : What I'm Using Now!

To be honest, I never really thought to share my skincare routine. I figured no one really cared plus at the end of the day, everyone's skin is so different how could my product picks and regimen help someone else. Until a few weeks ago.....

Keep reading to find out why I am sharing this with you now, PLUS all the products I have on rotation and some personal tips and tricks!

A few weeks ago I decided to hop on insta stories and share my Friday night turnup! AKA; skincare routine, wine and DVR. Oh yes, welcome to my "thirties"! I just thought it would be a fun thing to do, and honestly, didn't really think anyone would care. To my surprise, I almost immediately started receiving direct messages asking my opinion on the products I was sharing, how I liked it, what else I used etc etc. I mean, who knew right? (Honestly, everyone but me. The rest of the blogging world has been insta story-ing everything for like, ever - as always, I'm just late to the party).

In any event, I realized that in sharing my nightly skin ritual, I was helping some of my followers combat their own skin issues and questions.

And while I wouldn't dare refer to myself as a "beauty blogger", knowledge is power. So if me knowing my skin, what works best for it and how to make it shimmer and shine (LOL) is helpful to someone than why not share it! SO, last night I signed back onto IG Stories to share a bit more about my skincare routine, including some ticks/tricks for my personal issues (read: alligator dry skin due to severe NYC winter) and again- you guys were DM'ing away! Leaving me no choice but to hop on my computer and get to work.

Below are a list of product I highlighted on my last two IG stories PLUS a full shop-able list of all the products I use!!

Pssst..... Be sure to tell me in the comment section if you want to see more beauty posts like this :)


I use the Clinique foaming sonic facial soap & sonic brush system 2X a day. Clinique is gentle enough for my sensitive (read: Irish) skin and the sonic brush basically makes me feel like I am getting as clean as I possibly can get! (It's Clinique's version of a clarisonic, tbh).


Rule #1 for my skin: DO NOT over-exfoliate. I only use an exfoliation product once a week! Typically I swear by Kate Somerville everything, and use the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate. But once Body Shop sent me this Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash Scrub Mask, I became obsessed and have been rotating between the two. The Tea Tree can be used as a scrub or a mask- dual product for the win!

For my body, I exfoliate once (or twice depending on how insulting the weather is) with Aveda's Rosemary Mint Body Polish. This works amazing, the beads aren't too large or rough on my skin and the SMELL is EVERYTHING!!!


I recently went for a facial at my local spa and the aesthetician used this Aveda Hydrating Treatment Lotion on my face. She explained the benefits (plumps, moisturizes, soothes and preps your skin to better absorb whatever the next layer is- typically your lotion) to me and I was sold. I purchased it immediately after and have been using it ever since! It basically preps my face to act as a sponge and helps to better absorb the lotions and serums I apply immediately following! LOVE this!

I use tea tree oil on everything. Similar to how the Dad in 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' uses windex. Yep- that's me only w/ tea tree! It is a great natural remedy for a numbr of things, but mainly I use this Body Shop Tea Tree Oil for spot treatment on blemishes and for dry scalp! I take a few drops and mix it with my shampoo- a few times a week- and it keeps my super dry, super itchy (sensitive from the weather) scalp at bay!

The Aveda Rosemary Mint Composition Oil smells INCREDIBLE. Just using a drop wakes you up! I typically add a few drops into my body lotion for a spa-like experience.

I use these Aveda Chakra sprays ALL. THE. TIME. It's probably mental, but I really feel like they set the tone for my behavior and mood. Yes, they're great to use during meditation or to wear as-is (though I prefer perfume). But it's also great to use these for household use. Whenever I clean/put on fresh linens etc, these are part of my routine. Clean sheets go on, chakra spray gets spritzed!


My favorite part of my skincare routine- masks and lotions! I have really dry skin (almost all year round w/ the exception of a few weeks in the summer), so when I find products that work well for me I stick w/ them and am happy to share! While I use a few different masks, I am on a strict budget these days (saving for a few trips), so I have been sticking with the VERY afforable Sephora Mask Collection.

Again, I swear by Kate Somerville products, and the Age Arrest (ughhhhh wrinklesssss) works wonders! But, when Aveda sent me this Wedding Masque Tulasara set - I fell in love! So, I've been using the Wedding Masque Overnight cream on my face, neck and decolletage in the evenings and the Wedding Masque Eye Overnight cream in the evenings as well! Going to stick w/ this for a few weeks to see how it works/affects my skin. So far, so good.

Note: the "wedding masque" is just a name. It isn't designated specifically for the special day - it is a daily treatment!

Thanks, friends, for watching my IG stories and asking questions/sending DM's. You inspired this post- and it was fun doing :)


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