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Breezy Summer Looks feat.



I don't know about you guys, but I LIVE FOR SUMMER. Maybe its because I'm a beach kid (I've lived in a small beach town, only 2 blocks from the sand and surf my entire life- and yes, I know. #blessed), but summer is my favorite everything. Full disclosure, I also love Christmas. But there is something about the vibes in summer that just fuels me. Everyone is bopping' about, feeling good, happy go-lucky attitudes. People are biking and walking everywhere, enjoying friends and family, spending quality time at the park or the beach/pool. In one way or another, the season does something to each of us and magically slows us down. THAT is one of the reasons why I love summer.

As you get older, you really appreciate the moments of peace. Sitting on a beach chair, toes in the sand- laughing with friends. Jumping into cold waves with your nieces. Sipping a glass of wine on your front porch. Whatever the moments are for you, I hope you take the time to soak them in this summer. Because, life is short and summer is even shorter. So enjoy :)

As you guys know, I recently partnered with Introducing the brand to you over the past few weeks has been so fun! Fresh, updated pieces each month, lots of sale and discounted items and above all else, QUALITY CLOTHING. continues to deliver high quality, well made, items that can work well with your pre-existing wardrobe. I have some June picks for you below plus, there's a sale happening on their site right now, so if you guys are interested in shopping, you'll

receive an extra 40% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on all orders when you use code LLD40!

Happy shopping, and be sure to share with me what pieces you're incorporating into your summer wardrobe!

100% my FAVORITE piece, this Palm Print Kimono was perfect for a day out east on Long Island wine tasting!

LOCAL TIP: If you head out East on the North Fork AND you like some bubbles in your wine- be sure to check out Sparkling Pointe!

Summer days turn into breezy summer nights.... which calls for cute but COZY light layers! I'm set and ready for s'mores by the fire with this grey hooded cardi. The lace detail on the cuff and shoulders make it functional but fashion!

It's never planned, but lately I've been matching my drinks to my looks. I had an orange printed dress on whilst drinking an Aperol Sprtiz (yum), an then the other day when I was wearing this Pineapple Stitch cardi from , I was sipping on a pink smoothie! Ah, the aesthetically pleasing life I lead (JK JK, this is a RARE occasion. Like seeing a unicorn, or not spilling something on my white shirts).

It can get pretty steamy in NY in this summer, which is why I put all my efforts into finding lightweight, comfortable, breathable pieces that look good but feel even better. Its sweaty, and sticky but you want to look stylish- so it's all about finding the easy pieces that can keep you cool. This flutter sleeve embroidered top worked well with a cotton button up midi skirt I had - with a pair of earring and simple flip flops a comfortable mashup of items became an easy look!

You can SHOP similar items, all my accessories and more on the SHOP PAGE!


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All opinions are 100% my own. Because, duh!


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