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"Chalk It Up To Style" Makeover Fun featuring Lane Bryant

I have a family filled with hard working educators, all of whom I see work tirelessly to be masters at their craft. Whether they are patiently reworking each lesson plan, calmly handling each situation/ incident or perfectly managing an entire building of children (shout out to my sister), I respect their hard work and dedication. And not just the teachers in my life, but every educator. They’re truly the unsung heroes of the world! Which is why when Lane Bryant reached out to me and told me about their “Chak It Up To Style” event, I knew I wanted to be a part of it!

I LOVE giving back (in any way possible), really. SO teaming up with Lane Bryant to give two educators a mini makeover featuring full Lane Bryant looks seemed like a no brainer! YESSS makeover fun!

I invited my sister, a Vice Principle in a NYC public schoo,l to be “Teacher #1” and a kindergarten teacher from my niece’s school, a Catholic School on Long Island, to be “Teacher # 2”. Luckily, both my sister Regina and Nikki know me well enough to know that I wouldn’t take no for an answer (even though they were slightly shy about being featured in this post/on social media). But, it ended up they didn’t need much convincing! Free wardrobe from one of their favorite brands plus a day of being pampered. It was an enthusiastic yes as they both agreed to join in on what turned out to be a great girls day!

Getting Glam @ Blo Blow Dry Bar

In addition to Lane Bryant providing wardrobe for both women (and a month long 15% discount to all educators) my friends at Blo Blow Dry Bar, Glen Cove Road wanted to do something as well – so they invited the ladies and I to the #BloGlenCoveRoad location for a little prep & pampering the day of our shoot! Complimentary blowouts, makeup applications – the works! All to thank these women for being incredible educators! And to top it off, Blo is offering $35 blow outs all month long to educators who come in an mention the hashtag, #BloHonorRoll!

The goal was to provide two teachers with a fun back to school look. What ended up happening was a full on photoshoot, makeover extravaganza! 


As an Assistant Principle, Regina needs to look polished, professional and put together at all times. She holds a position of authority at her school, and her wardrobe needs to match that. BUT, she needs to be comfortable! Regina spends the majority of her time going from classroom to classroom, floor to floor ensuring both the staff and students are happy and content! She has a lot on her plate, and the last thing she needs is to have to think about her work wardrobe. She likes piece that can mix and match easily! 

All things considered, I wanted to show her that fashion and comfort go hand in hand and that you don’t need to sacrifice one for the other. The key is shopping for the right materials, fits, silhouette- it’s more of knowing what to look for! Thankfully, Lane Bryant just came out with two new pieces that remove the thinking from shopping! Their Bryant Blazer and Allie Pant go hand in hand for effortless, comfortable style! I paired this houndstooth Bryant Blazer with the incredibly fitting Allie Pant and a comfortable ¾ sleeve swing tunic in a pop of color to give Regina the perfect SUPER stretchy and comfortable ensemble! 



As a kindergarten teacher, Nikki’s most important need from her wardrobe is comfort and ease. She likes to look cute and casual but professional. Her hands on approach to learning usually means Nikki is on the carpet or floor playing/reading with the kids. If she’s not crawling arunf with the little ones, she’s on lunch duty, in the gym, headed to the music room or library. Her day is constantly changing and she’s hardly ever sitting at her desk, so she ends up putting a wear and tear on her clothing. Nikki told me she usually shops for pieces that can last instead of pieces that stand out & are fashion forward.