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Classic, Chic Style w/ JD Williams

Someone recently asked me how I would define my personal style....."Classic, Chic with a Touch of Trend", I blurted out.

It didn't take long for me to conjure up an answer because as I've gotten older, my understanding of my style personality becomes more and more definite. While my style continues to evolve ever so slightly, it is my love for classic, chic, timeless style that doesn't waver. Keep reading to find out how I embraced my classic, chic style personality with JD Williams and their style tribes!

When I was in high school (and somewhat through college) I LOVED trying the latest trends. And, being plus size, it became a fun challenge to translate such trends to my personal style and everyday life (a stylist in the making, some would say!). There was something beautiful about being able to translate what I saw on the runway, in street style, or on my favorite pop artist (shout out to Lady Gaga & Beyonce who inspired a TON of my looks at one point in time) and make it work on my size 18/20 body. The here today/gone tomorrow aspect of fashion was a thrill, and it worked (or at least I thought it did) for a while... until it felt forced.

Somewhere along the way I had lost my true style DNA, and had taken to chasing the trend. Yes, trend is exciting and very much a part of some people's style DNA- but it wasn't really a part of mine- which is why it no longer felt right.

I don't know the exact moment it changed (thankfully, it was pre- Gaga meat dress), but I got back in touch with the real meaning of personal style & re-discovered my style personality. I found what fashion does for me, at the core, and built from there. It just came together so effortlessly. I built a business on knowing fashion and people (the two are not without each other) and it was important for me to fully know myself in the space before I helped others. I know, it sounds super dramatic, but it's true, no? The moment I realized my style personality was more about classic, timeless sophistication the more my fashion purpose made sense.

The clothes you wear should only enhance, not change, who YOU are......

I asked myself the questions I ask clients.....