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Denim X Denim

Here's the thing- I LOVE being dressed. I love everything about it. The process, is what really makes me happy. You know, the dressing, the selection, and the feeling when you look in the mirror and are head to toe put together - it's just something that resonates with me, it's my favorite sport- the sport of "dressing".

But for some reason when I go "casual" it becomes this easy grab & go that has no rhyme or reason to it. Sure, I look nice, but I recently found myself ignoring the process which I love so much. I found myself taking less time to appreciate the sport of dressing when I chose to "dress down". But Why? Why don't I deserve to enjoy the process all the time. AMIRIGHT??

So I made it a point to remind myself that even in the casual, running out the door moments that I take a minute to enjoy my "sport". That I take a minute to revel in the art of dressing - and that I make sure every inch of me is polished, put together and chic. Because, after all - what else is there to be?! (I'm pretty sure I have my super chic angel in heaven, Grandma, to thank for that).

So when I grabbed my denim cut off shorts the other day, instead of just grabbing a plain old tank top and flip flops I decided to take a minute and make a causal look, work. I created my version of the "Canadian Tuxedo". I paired my denim short with a crisp white shirt and a long sleeve lightweight denim chambray blouse over it. Throw on a pair of sunnies, a pop of color on the lips and a casual & practical shoe (like these Sperry's - my FAV) - and you suddenly have a casual outfit that is polished, put together AND comfortable!

Stylist Tip: You guys, if it isn't white - throw it out. Half white, yellow-tinged, sorta white but not crisp white anymore shirts are NOT OK. Invest in a few, keep them on rotation, wash them properly and when their time is up (which is pretty quickly and fairly often), throw them out and replace them.

Keep your casual look cute!

Need some help getting started on your denim X denim ensemble?


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