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Does your bra make you happy? The Perfect Bra Fit Feat. Cacique

I recently had a friend of mine ask me to submit a quote for content she was producing for her new brand (Hi, Lauren Chan & Henning). She was surveying a few of her friends asking the question "How do you feel great in your clothes". It took me .2 seconds to come up with an answer.....

More specifically, Cacique T-Shirt & Balconette Bras.

Yes, I could have said a hundred different things including positive affirmations, a swipe of my fav lipstick and a good-luck shoe (and I did mention these, lol) but truly the number one way I feel great in my clothes is by always ensuring I have the proper undergarments on. This is, of course, where Cacique comes in!


Not only does the right bra change the way your clothing fits, feels and looks, but it can also change the way YOU feel! Tried and true, I can promise you when I paired my seriously sexy balconette bra under my new Beauticurve x Lane Bryant Leopard Maxi dress there was definitely an extra pep in my step!

Style Tip: I unbuttoned the top of my dress to show off the gorgeous detail of the bra AND it instantly brought out my sexy / sassy side! And yes, I know, not everyone will be comfortable showing their intimates on the outside, but even the simple act of wearing a bra that makes you feel good and supported can bring out your sassy side. Don't be afraid to have some fun!