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Floatation Therapy: 90 minutes of calm w/ R.E.S.T Float Spa of Rockville Centre

Imagine this: Completely Unplugging. Disconnecting Entirely. Allowing your body, mind, and spirit to experience true weightlessness and relaxation. Silently enjoying stillness and calm for 60 or 90 minutes and emerging a more revived version of yourself.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

I thought so to.

Until I tried floatation therapy @ R.E.S.T Float Spa in Rockville Centre.

From the moment you walk into their gorgeous state-of-the-art floating facility, your state of relaxation sets in. The lounge area is beautifully decorated, with nautical nods, comfortable seating and lots of natural light.

Light refreshments are available for your hydration needs, and your time is neither counted nor clocked at R.E.S.T, in fact, they encourage you to take your time during your pre and post float experience.