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Floatation Therapy: 90 minutes of calm w/ R.E.S.T Float Spa of Rockville Centre

Imagine this: Completely Unplugging. Disconnecting Entirely. Allowing your body, mind, and spirit to experience true weightlessness and relaxation. Silently enjoying stillness and calm for 60 or 90 minutes and emerging a more revived version of yourself.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

I thought so to.

Until I tried floatation therapy @ R.E.S.T Float Spa in Rockville Centre.

From the moment you walk into their gorgeous state-of-the-art floating facility, your state of relaxation sets in. The lounge area is beautifully decorated, with nautical nods, comfortable seating and lots of natural light.

Light refreshments are available for your hydration needs, and your time is neither counted nor clocked at R.E.S.T, in fact, they encourage you to take your time during your pre and post float experience.

Once ready, you descend downstairs to the floating area; a quaint, QUIET floatation therapy space with four private rooms, a bathroom and an amenity space (think: blow dryers, toiletries, vanity / post- float touch up area).

When booking, you have the opportunity to select a floatation pod or suite. The difference only being in SIZE of the space in which you float. All room amenities are the same (rain shower, changing area, towels, ear plugs, meditation sound, epsom salt count, light color options etc.).

And, while the suite sounded more my speed (I'm a larger girl, I don't like feeling cramped, and sometimes can feel a bit tense in a smaller space), the pod was really enjoyable. I had posed the question of space and experience, and after talking with the R.E.S.T squad, I realized it actually was easier for me to unwind and fall into a meditative state with less space to distract me.

To be honest: I'm pretty sure I'd be stretching out and doing synchronized floating in the larger suite. That said, I will be testing it soon and will follow up with a post on that difference in the experience!

OK, so let's break it down...


1. Before you can get in the water, you have to take a pretty thorough shower. You must wash your hair and body to remove any oils that could upset the delicate balance of the float-tank water. Scrub the body, really lather up the hair, rinse rinse rinse.

2. You can choose to float naked or in a swimsuit. I chose the latter because, well, photos and video y'all! LOL. But, I think I'd be just as comfortable floating nude.

3. Once in the pod, you can choose low light or darkness and silence or with meditation music.

4. The Pod talks to you and instructs you on what to do, begins your float and comes back on at the end to talk you into awake-ness.

5. Once the float is complete, you shower again.


1. EPSOM SALT BURNS. DO not touch your eyes! Don't worry, if some creeps in there are towels on hand to wipe down and you can always hop out to rinse off in the rain shower. BUT - DON'T TOUCH YOUR EYES.

2. EPSOM SALT BURNS. You may feel some tingling in basically any area that has been shaved. Just a heads up. Nothing cray, and it goes away. But, just a heads up.

3. 100% INCLUSIVE. The pods/suites are inclusive. Any person, of any gender, race, size can float. But mostly this call out is for size- to my plus people, it's a safe and comfortable space.

4. POD CAN STAY AJAR. I repeat, the pod can stay ajar. I know some of you are reading this and panicking. Don't. You are 100% in control of the environment. You'll see in my video; my comfort level meant I needed to keep my pod slightly open. Its all good- you can still have a successful float :)

5. WATER IS BODY TEMP. It's not hot tub hot, its not even bathtub hot. It's luke warm. At first its an odd feeling because I think we're used to getting into cold water (pools/ oceans etc) or hot water (tubs,baths) - but after a minute or two you stop thinking about it and your body adjusts.


1. Let's be honest, we all live hectic busy lifestyles, and it can be difficult to shut it all off (the mind is a tricky thing). I've been practicing meditation for years and even I still struggle with silencing the inside noise. But, once I got used to the experience / space / quiet , the floating created the perfect opportunity for me to enjoy the stillness. After some time (and insta storying/snapping pics for the purpose of this post), I was able to achieve a meditative, mindful state. Breathing and existing in peace.

2. I will say, you're pretty zonked after. Almost like a post-long beach day in the sun- feeling. Maybe it was because this was my first float, but I couldn't imagine trying to go get anything done after such a relaxing experience. I wanted to go home and lay down!

3. Lastly, my brain was READY for work the next day. IDK if it was the float, the relaxation, the rest, the combination of it all or if I just tricked myself into becoming more productive (likely the latter), but I was rocking and rolling! Creativity was on fire, workflow was at a steady speed with less distractions and see bars. It felt really great!


- increases relaxation

- increases quality sleep

- muscle rejuvenation

- increases magnesium absorption

- reduces stress

- increases creativity

- allows you to unplug

- reducing chronic pain including back pain


R.E.S.T Float Spa is a female owned business. The knowledge, enthusiasm and attention to both care and comfort from the women @ R.E.S.T were my strongest takeaways. Yes, the float was incredible but it was the personal experience and getting to know inspiring entrepreneurs that really stayed with me.

Thank you, R.E.S.T for inviting me to FLOAT, I'm a float-er for life!


The women of R.E.S.T are so passionate about the benefits of floating that they have extended an amazing discount code, so that you too can enjoy the experience!

If you are interested in trying them out, head here--> & book with code 'LITTLELIMEDRESS'.
This promo is $60 for a $60 minute float and can be used for either a suite or pod space!!

Happy Floating :)

**Thank you to R.E.S.T Float Spa in Rockville Centre for sponsoring my experience.

All opinions are 100% my own. Because, duh!


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