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How to Look Chic (& Comfortable) feat.

'Antique Moss Open Front Cardigan' c/o

My job isn't ordinary, my schedule is never the same, and my "office" is wherever the job of the day takes me. Some days it could be my home office, other days I find myself inside a photo studio, and sometimes I'm grinding on my laptop in a hotel lobby. And, while there are many moving parts in my career, the one thing that stays the same is my desire to look chic and comfortable as often as I can!

Being freelance has its many advantages, but I found out (the hard way) very early on, that if I don't get up and dress the part every day my productivity is affected. Like, heavily.

Guess it all ties back to my mantra;

If you look good, you feel good!

The struggle then becomes how to manage on the days when time is not on your side. I've put a few different tactics into play...

For example;

- Taking part in a self-care sunday and setting your rack or your closet up for success.

- Getting Sunday blow outs (when the cash flow is right) to cut down on hair time during the week. {A blow out lasts me to mid-week usually, if I decide to be lazy and skip the gym!}

- Prepping your skin properly and being practical about your makeup application. {more skincare = less makeup y'all}

But at the end of the day it really comes down to outfitting and putting your looks together. You still want to use fashion as a form of self expression, you still want to look chic and polished, you still want to make sure your comfortable.... but now you want to do all of that in less than 15 minutes! It truly seems like an impossible game show! And, after many a days of an "all black ensemble" in attempts to hide my lack of initiative that morning, it really can feel like one. Until, of course, you edit and select your wardrobe wisely.

I've realized the key is having strong pieces that can mix and match with other basics within your wardrobe but are still able to stand out on their own!

Think of your wardrobe as puzzle pieces.....

In the end, they're all going to need to work seamlessly together to present one beautiful image. But individually, there is something different and unique about each piece that makes it special as-is.

THAT is how I approach my wardrobe, my personal style and my day to day dressing.

To be honest, I'd love to say I could be a minimalist when it comes to fashion. You know, have a capsule collection on a single rack and just rework those clothes in 39397029237894893 different combinations! Sadly, I haven't gotten there, and don't know if I ever will. I think deep down I love clothing and fashion too much. I just can't help but indulge every now and then in something new, fresh, fun and exciting!

At the end of the day I'm happy with having an edited-down version of that. Less extreme but still just as functional! A standard closet that gets sprinkled with trend every now and then.

Adding in pieces like an embroidered sweater, a pop of color cardigan, a simple basic with subtle detail....

All easy updates to an already solid wardrobe, thanks to !

Behind the Photo: I was traveling and needed a chic look that was comfortable but polished. I paired this open front cardigan in Antique Moss (the color is saturated and beautiful in person) with simple white jeans and a blue tank. Instant polish, in the easiest way possible.

Special shout out to my BFF who sometimes steps in as my photographer if I need her to!

As you guys know, I recently partnered with to bring you some fresh, updated pieces each month. There's a sale happening on their site right now, and if you guys are interested in shopping, you'll

receive an extra 40% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on all orders when you use code LLD40!

So, happy shopping, and be sure to share with me what pieces you're incorporating into your spring wardrobe!

**Thank you to for sponsoring this post.

All opinions are 100% my own. Because, duh!


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