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Ladylike Layering w/ J.Jill

As a blogger and a stylist, I would say I know the fashion rope fairly well - specifically plus size fashion. So, when a brand like J. Jill comes along and surprises you with how well they have developed, and continue to develop their plus size range - you stop and take notice. Actually, you stop, take some blog photos, make sure you look cute, take notice and commence in sharing with everyone you know because the clothes are THAT great. Keep reading for all the details on this look, more about J.Jill and why I think they are a secret weapon in the plus industry and some style tips and tricks (per the usual).

Photo Credit: Courtney Siragusa

Here is what you need to know - if you are plus size, like quality product that wears and washes well (I mean, that is key you guys and you know it!), and aren't shopping J.Jill - you are missing out. I mean, like literally missing out on amazing wardrobe staples like this long boyfriend cardigan, and jolts of fashion like this cranberry velour shift dress (WITH POCKETS!).

Honestly, J.Jill used to be that "mall moms" company. I know, way Harsh Ty. But it's true. Until recently, I had written them off in general for clothing. And I certainly didn't consider them a go-to for wardrobe essentials. I reconnected with them a few months ago when they invited me to their NYC store opening and I was in awe of how great the product was, rather IS. Every piece I tried worked - it was like some strange time land where I didn't struggle in the fitting room and didn't get frustrated with selections (both of which happen on a rather frequent basis when shopping for plus). I should note- the NYC store does NOT carry plus sizes in store (I know.. trust me, I let them know my concern here), but for the event they had pre-ordered a number of sizes for in plus to try on. I also found out, almost everything they offer in straight/misses they offer in both plus and petite.

THIS is what I am talking about - THIS is what I am always speaking about in terms of small changes, big impact. A size inclusive company - from 2-28.

Just like that... and yet there are so many plus women who don't know J.Jill is offering these selections in their range or who have mistakingly, as I did, judged a book by their old cover. So I am here, letting you all know - J.Jill is not the Mall Mom store. I don't know if it ever was- maybe I was just rude!

The fit is true to size, the materials are comfortable and wash/wear well and the styles (though not life altering in fashion/trend) are great. I've worn this dress casually before, with knee boots but I knew I wanted to dress it up to show the versatility in a winter piece like a velour dress. It's a very specific item, but can be worn over and over again if you think of it as you would any other staple grab & go dress- which is exactly what I did. I decided to pair this velour dress with one of my favorite J.Jill casual cardigans (similar HERE) and accessorized with a ladylike neck scarf. Pulled it together with a sleek pair of nude pumps and voila- a ladylike, layered look.

Style Tip: Don't get caught up in the "how to" wear a certain item. Sure, it's easy to wear a velour dress with tights and knee high boots- covered up and fall/winter focused, but when you push the boundaries it becomes easier to style seasonal items more frequently.

Size Notes: I am wearing a size 2X in both pieces.

All J.Jill product courtesy of J.Jill

Special thank you to my photographer, Courtney Siragusa.


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