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Living my best #LIVILIFE w. Lane Bryant

For me, the new year is always about reflection as opposed to resolutions.

Its about looking back and making sure I've done everything I can to stay the course, and then aligning my next steps. My game, always has been and always will be, little steps towards big goals. Honestly, my focus is just to make sure I’m living my best happy, healthy life filled with love and laughter!

I partnered with my friends at Lane Bryant to show you guys some of their new LIVI activewear collection & chat about some things I'm doing to live my best life this year!

But before we dive into what I'll be focusing on this year, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the Livi Active Collection at Lane Bryant.

FIT : I am wearing an 18/20 in the bottoms, 22/24 in the tops (I like to have some room and length), and a 44DD in the sports bra (my standard size).

FASHION : My biggest callout from the Livi Activewear collection is the range of color / print / pattern and fashion elements. I'm talking mesh panels, cut out details, ombre, prints, colors, textures etc. TRUST ME - there is not lack of fashion when it comes to this collection - which is even more of a motivator for me! When you look good, you feel good... and now I can do both at Kickboxing this week!!!

FUNCTION : Everything about the LIVI active collection is about function. Extra Stretch, Wide Waistbands, Pockets, Venting etc. Each garment has a fashion element without sacrificing the functionality of an activewear piece... and THAT is the takeaway.

RIGHT NOW (1/5-1/6), ALL Livi Active is on SALE, Buy ONE Get ONE FREE! So finish reading this post, and then head to LANE BRYANT or shop the post below and snag your active so we can all FLEX on the Boardwalk together :)

Ok, Here's what I am focusing on this year.....

1. Taking care of my body and my mind.

I don't care where you stand on the fitness / healthy lifestyle / body positive / spectrum. We should, and I hope we can, all agree on one simple fact: HEALTH IS WEALTH. Staying healthy and living a healthier way looks different for all of us, and I wish you a strong and healthy 2019. For me, it means working out, fueling my body with what keeps me energized and feeling strong, and actively taking care of my mind. And of course, doing all of that in amazing activewear, like this set from Lane Bryant!

2. Working smarter not harder.

This is an important one. Last year was an incredibly successful year. I did well, learned lots of lessons but still felt burnt out more often than I'd like. This year my focus is to continue to excel in areas of business, continue to expand my network, educate myself on something new every few weeks AND work SMARTER instead of harder. That means learning to outsource, asking for help, learning new skill sets. Whatever I do this year, I hope I do it with a smile!!!!

3. Spending LOTS of time with friends and family!!!

This one is probably THE absolute.most.important.

My life is filled with love and joy because of the people around me. Their love, support, happiness directly impacts how I love, support & show my happiness towards others. I am so grateful, truly, for the people in my life and all I want to do is to continue to spend every second I can with them, celebrating who they are and having a good ol' fashioned belly laugh.

What are you doing to live your best #livilife in 2019??? THE TIME IS NOW to ENJOY every second of your amazing life..... so get out there and go get it, whatever the “it” is for you!!!

Style Note: HELLO POCKETS!!!!!!!! Yes, REAL pockets. Like, actually pockets that can hold your keys and your phone and your chapstick and your water all while you walk the boardwalk and discuss life with your gal pals!!!

Second Side Note: I have UDAR KICKBOXING to thank for my strength (and slowly lifting booty). I was lucky enough to find a place that treats EVERY BODY with the same level of respect. Hoping you all go out and do the same this year! Find a space that is kind and respectful, it will only reinforce the confidence you have in yourself. <3

Fit Note: I am wearing a size 18/20 and they fit very well. I did also try the 22/24, which fit but I didn't feel as "secure" in them, if that makes sense. These are also high waisted and didn't roll or move when I was working out.

Function Note: My Sister and I rocked our new LIVIACTIVE to a 2 hour group Zumba charity fundraiser on Saturday and not only did we dance, laugh and sweat, but we did it in style and NEVER once had to yank up our leggings or felt uncomfortable. These pieces are made for you to MOVE in!

This post was sponsored by Lane Bryant. Which means they sent me this amazing outfit, also sent the leggings my sister is wearing in our Zumba pic above. It also means they paid me to talk about their new active collection, #LIVIACTIVE.

BUT, as always, my opinion is my own and is 100% honest because I KEEP IT REAL!

Big thanks to Lane Bryant for continuing to provide the best in plus fashion!

(And for loving me and supporting me)



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