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Meg's Look: 10.15.18

There are few things I love more than a good glass of wine...

Honestly, truly.

But one of them is certainly an effortless glam moment - and this faux fur vest from my friends at was the perfect way to achieve that moment for a dinner out with my girlfriends.

With a knit back and faux fur front, the overheating / potentially itchy outcomes of a full faux fur vest are eliminated. CurvyContemporary made it easy to wear a trend and still be functional and comfortable. The faux fur front is lightweight, the knit back makes it much easier to wear (read: sit / eat / drink) and the length is actually quite nice- as it comes longer than your standard blouse / sweater, covering the backside and actually functioning as a layer of warmth AND style!

WIN WIN, with this one.

Don't forget, you can shop w/ code LLD50 to save 50% + FREE SHIPPING.


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