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Meg's Look: 9.3.18

Sometimes I feel like I want to go run errands in my pajamas. Its true. I know, I know. NOT cute or very stylist-like, but nonetheless its true. AND people in pajamas in public is one of my biggest pet peeves. Why? Because I know you could, we all could, do better.

There are tons of amazing athleisure, laid-back, casual and SUPER COMFORTABLE options out there, like this poncho.

Easy to wear, casual but still cute, perfect with jeans or leggings and a bit more polished than an old tee and some drab yoga pants (THE HORROR!!!).

SIZE NOTE: I am wearing the 2X in the poncho.

STYLE NOTE: I lost this headband, and really wish I knew where it was.

GENERAL NOTE: I LOVE Trader Joe's Flowers !

Ok, thats all.

Except one more thing....

Don't forget, you can shop w/ code LLD50 to save 50% + FREE SHIPPING.


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