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Meg’s Must Haves: 7 Fall Fashion Favorites feat. JD Williams

September is basically here, and that means finding the best items to help take you effortlessly into fall. I teamed up with my friends at JD Williams to give you my top seven on-trend, fashion forward pieces perfect for fall from their latest new arrivals! PLUS, shop with code MEAGHAN40 and receive an exclusive 40% off at JD!

I don’t know about you guys, but the last week of August/First week of September is always heart breaking for me.

I’m an adult, but still get that dreaded “back to school” feeling! Anyone else? LOL. It’s bitter sweet....

On one hand, we have to say good bye to summer. Goodbye to the beach filled weekends, the spontaneous fun, the longer days and hotter nights. On the other hand, we get to celebrate in that "back to school clean slate" feeling. Fall brings opportunity and newness. The change of seasons is a rebirth of sorts, out with the old and in with the new, and it applies to fashion as well!

It does, however, become a tricky time of year to navigate your wardrobe. Monday can have an autumn chill and two days later Wednesday can feel like mid-July all over again! The trick is to transition some of your summer wardrobe into fall vy adding small doses of freshness, fashion and trend in smart ways. A leather jacket, a more weighted trouser, a suede shoe – the smallest additions can make the biggest impacts and allow you to get more wear out of those summery styles you aren’t ready to let go of!

Here are my top picks from the JD Williams New Arrivals, sure to help you tranisition effortlessly into fall. Don't forget to scroll down and shop the post. My pals at JD Williams were kind enough to offer an exclusive 40% OFF DISCOUNT for LLD Readers (YASSS). Shop with code MEAGHAN40 and receive an exclusive 40%!! PS_ Don't forget to tag me on your purchases so I can see your fab fall fashion!

1. Army Green Trousers

Prolong the life of your summer blouses by grounding them with an on-trend army green trouser. Not into green? Just grab a darker colored trouser to balance out your look!

2. A New Basic