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Meg's Must Haves: A Day of Disney Fashion feat. Avenue Plus!

Today's #megsmusthaves is all about style & comfort! I partnered with my friends at Avenue to find pieces that were comfortable and easy to wear without sacrificing style! Then, I put them to the ultimate test. The Disney test!

Ah, Disney. The most magical place on earth, unless you are in an uncomfortable outfit (and bad shoes. Pro Tip: Wear sneakers. Always wear sneaker). Honestly, truly. Is there really anything worse than NOT being able to enjoy your day because you're uncomfortable? The answer is NO.

Which is exactly why when I shop and pack for my family vacation, comfort is key.

From sleepwear to day looks to evening dresses, I want pieces that showcase my personal style but also work with the demands of the day. A Disney trip is very different from other trips (read: 9 miles in 8 hrs), and so selecting pieces that pack well, wear well and feel great remain priority!

LOOK 1: Fashionable sleepwear you can sleep in!

I don't know about you all, but I am a HUGE nightgown fan. Maybe it was because my Grandma wore house dresses, or because my mom wore nightgowns but I love them. My sister, wouldn't be caught dead in one. But me, I am a nightgown / house dress/ muumuu lover. So when I found this