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Meg’s Must Haves: A Summer Month of Gwynnie Bee!

I am recommitting to you guys! I know, I’ve said it over and over again but this time I’m serious. Weekly “Meg’s Must Have” posts are coming your way, so get ready! Here’s how it will work; I love something, I tell you about it! It’s really that simply. To officially kick it off (though I have unofficially posted my must have’s over the last two weeks), I am giving you my top picks from Gwynnie Bee PLUS an opportunity to try out the service for A FREE MONTH!!! Yep.. Keep reading for all the deets!

By now, you guys should know about my love for Gwynnie Bee! I mean, I’ve been a member for a few years, I work with them on First Fit Reviews and I just truly dig the clothing options and versatility the service offers!

If you don’t know, Gwynnie Bee is an online women’s clothing subscription service for sizes 10-32. Basically like every other subscription rental service, EXCEPT WITH TONS OF INCREDIBLE PLUS SIZE OPTIONS! So, it’s not just for one group of women it’s for all women! Wear it, return it, repeat.

GB has allowed me to try tons of new styles and share them with YOU, my beloved audience/following! Basically, I get my package, wear the look, snap some pics, share it with y’all and send it back for more! Presto, change-o (yes, really), a new box comes and I have a ton of new wardrobe to shoot & share! The wardrobe rental is changing the way a ton of my personal styling clients shop (for the better) and pushing them outside of their comfort zones with every new box. It’s fun, exciting and easy to use! You can start renting your wardrobe today with free shipping and unlimited exchanges by clicking HERE!!

In case you need some inspiration, I’ve included some of my favorite looks from July GB boxes!! My standard go-to style is simple, chic, polished pieces and I don’t stray from that in the summer season! I look for easy to wear, lightweight, super comfortable and simple pieces that are versatile See below and start closeting :)

The Perfect LWD

We all know the power of a little black dress, but a little white dress is equally as versatile! Embrace a bright white garment, like this Alfani white shirtdress and look just as effortlessly polished!

A Remixed Colorblock

Shake up your standard go to dress rotation by adding in a dress with a pop of color! A colorblock with a pleat detail like this City Chic Dress is a fresh update!

A Lightweight Pant

A pant that feels like nothing? Lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day in the dog days of summer? YES PLEASE! These are amazing! I paired them with this simple bodysuit from Forever 21 and a fun pair of flats for an easy summer afternoon.


I love Rachel Roy’s plus collection, Rachel Rachel Roy, so I knew this dress was going to be a slam dunk – and I am so glad I closeted it because it is one of the best fitting and easiest polished and chic dress to throw on and go! LOVE this, and definitely making this a “try then buy” piece!


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