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Meg's Must Haves: Gwynnie Bee Monthly Picks

Sharing my favorite pieces from Gwynnie Bee this month! Items that fulfill all your styling needs from casual to wear to work and party! Keep reading for all the details.

A new week, a new set of Meg's Must Haves! This week I'm sharing my favorite pieces from this month's Gwynnie Bee packages. For those of you who are new and unfamiliar with the service, Gwynnie Bee is an online women’s clothing subscription service for sizes 10-32. This monthly subscription service that allows you to rent n return (or try then buy) thousands of items from different brands for a set price! Interested? Click here --> to TRY ONE MONTH FOR FREE!

Last month I found myself sharing the benefits of the service with someone who was looking to really circluate thir wardrobe. In doing so, I realized I typically lean to GB for pieces that work for my day to day (read: casual) and for the blog (#ootd). Given my freelance schedule and blogger lifestyle, my needs and GB closeted items are diffrent than most of yours. I wanted to relate to your day to day needs in terms of "dressing", and I really wanted to answer some follower/client questions I've gotten regarding work looks, party looks & weekend casual looks. SOOOOO, in an effort to better serve you guys, I decided to closet items I thought would work for those exact three categories. Check out my looks below & be sure to shop all the items at the bottom!


I mean, comfort is always at the front of my mind. But it especially takes presedence when I'm putting together a comfortable + casual weekend look!

Which is exactly why this Tart Collections maxi dress from Gwynnie Bee was the PERFECT piece for a morning filled with errands followed by a (boozy) brunch w/ friends. With a simple silhouette and a moveable fabric, this dress was ideal for a full day out and about. Style it however you wish- this could work with a cozy sweater, an off the shoulder sweatshirt, a leather jacket and sneakers... the possibilities are endless! I'm in NY, and we've been having this crazy "fall-but-not-yet-fall-but-almost-fall" weather, so I paired it with my Torrid denim jacket. Two pieces came together effortlessly in one cute, casual & comfortable look!


I don't work in an office setting, but I often find myself incorporating "biz profesh" aspects into my day to day. Why? Because with a few simple items, you can achieve an effortless, professional, polished look that tells a story. Also because my style icon for ages was Christina Applegate's character in Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead. So, there's that! Here's the thing, in my opinion, clothing and fashion is a tool for success. You put on something beautiful and great, you feel powerful. You feel powerful, you achieve more. It's a no brainer, so why not dress the part, right? This Tahari ASL jumpsuit gave me that "power suit" feeling that I couldn't resist and so I made my own power suit ensemble out of one simply navy blue jumpsuit. By adding a statement shoe and an on-tend blazer, like this ultra cool Plaid Bryant Blazer from Lane Bryant I suddenyl created a powerful story through fashion. POW, ready to take on the world. At the end of the day, dressing the part is a huge part of your story. TRUST me on that!


Listen, somtimes there is just a piece that makes you want to find something to do!

For me, it was this Alic & You pleated pink/raspberry crushed velvet skirt. (Say that three times fast). I put it on and instantly felt ready for fun. I can't explain it- maybe it was the twirl factor (solid 10/10), or the trend thing (solid 8/10), or the fact that it fit well and I just felt great in it (always a good thing), but this skir tmade me want to make plans! And at 32, those moments are few and far between because honestly wine and netflix is often times more appealing! So, if you're looking for a piece to take you out on the town, to cocktails, to that fun event you were invited to - this is it! I paired it down by adding a simple white Rachel Roy Blouse and mules in the same color (hello monochromatic dressing), but you can dress this up with a sassy blouse and some strappy heels! However you want to wear it, just make sure you're having fun because pieces like these are meant for making statements.

Like the looks? Be sure to comment below! And if you're interested in trying Gwynnie Bee, CLICK HERE to try out the service for 30 days for FREE (yes, really)!


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