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Montana Glamping with Catherines Plus Sizes

"What was your favorite part of the trip?", Kellie asked, as we all sat enjoying our final candle-lit farm to table meal......

I didn't have to think about it. Honestly, I didn't. Because in the last 3 days I had the chance to disconnect with my everyday and re-connect with myself. Sharing it, of course, with incredible people made it all the more enjoyable. But, truthfully, my answer didn't require much thought. I looked up at the table of women I had gotten to know so well and said "aside from being able to spend this time with each of you, it was being able to fully immerse myself in such beauty."

"It's really powerful when you have the chance to appreciate how big this world really is, and I'm grateful for that".

And I was.

When the call came with the invite for this galmping w/ Catherines in Montana trip, I didn't think twice. "YES! YES!" I said as I opened up my google calendar and jotted the dates down. After all, I had already had an amazing experience during my NYC Staycation with the Catherines Crew, so I knew whatever they had planned this go-round would be just as great, if not better! The details came trickling in...

And that was that. Next thing I knew, I landed in Bozeman and the adventure had begun....

After an hour drive through some seriously beautiful terrain (accompanied by some major elevation changes, a few gum chewing/ear popping moments and some unexpected off roading ), we arrived at Yellowstone Collective Retreats at Moonlight Basin. The limited details my sneaky friends at Catherines gave me (they love a good surprise, and so do I!) couldn't have prepared any of us for the wilderness luxury that welcomed us.

These were our tents. Yes, really.

Stunning, beautifully decorated, super cool luxury tents that we each stayed in. The accommodations were more than I could have imagined.

Our Restroom/Shower facility was in an authentic (and fully functioning) teepee.

Some call it the bathroom. Some call it the restroom.

I call it the "pee-pee, tee-pee"

Shortly after we arrived, had our delicious lunch, were briefed on some safety precautions (cue the bear spray : pepper spray for bears), and were given the tour we changed into our first Catherines outfits and started shooting in the beautiful landscape that was our home for the next few days.

I've gone camping before (and hated it, surprise surprise). But, what I did learn from my {one and only} camping trip was that you need to wear things that are functional, comfortable and that above all else- layering is key. And, as with everything I do, fashionable options are a must. So- when selecting my looks for this glamping trip, I wanted to make sure whatever I was wearing was functional, fashionable, comfortable and chic!


Also known as the day we discovered we couldn't breathe due to the elevation, explored the grounds, took beautiful photos, enjoyed a lovely dinner , closed out the night with s'mores, got spooked by our own shadows, and killed 10 moths, 4 bees and 2 flies.

Additionally known as the night a Sandhill Crane visited me ... And by visit I mean intimidated me by flying over my pee-pee tee-pee while I showered.

This vest is the perfect layering piece for the fall! I love layering (especially since I am always hot, so I paired it with a basic tank and some active leggings for my Montana day look. But, as the seasons change, I plan to layer this over everything from a black turtleneck and jeans to a sweater dress! These tassle detail riding boots completed my look (and saved my life - those dirt roads can be a challenge!).

Stylist Tip: I have a wide calf, but am a size 9 foot. So when buying boots I size up to a 10 to make sure the calf fits well. Throw on a pair of socks - and voila - the perfect fit! These riding boots are going to be a wardrobe staple- I know it!

I mean, clearly I didn't lose my sense of humor in the woods. Goofing around (while looking fly) is my forte!

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After shooting and exploring, we had some down time to go settle in and unwind. (Read: FB/Instagram/ Snapchat & IG Story the incredible tents and grounds!) We knew we were going to enjoy a great night, so we all headed back to get dolled up for an evening under the stars (with intense breathing due to high elevation LOL). Sure, dresses aren't the most practical option for CAMPING, but they certainly work for GLAMPING!

Side Note: How cute is this picture of us 3 in our boots?! #bootsbesties

That night we enjoyed a locally sourced, farm to table, fresh, made-to-order candle-lit dinner under the stars. Yes, I know that sentence is unreal. But it was, it was a true culinary experience - and it was nice to share it together. Conversation, good food, delicious wine and lots of laughter - as we discussed our day one adventures! Special thanks to the staff & team @ Collective Retreats for being so incredibly kind & hospitable and for taking the time to share their vast knowledge with this beach-loving city gal.

This dress look was polished with a rugged twist. You know it's funny, I struggled with what to pair with this dress because normally (at home) I would wear a great pair of heels and real amp up the sass. But, when you're glamping in the middle of Yellowstone National Park and you have to walk (err, huff & puff) quite a way to get to the dining tent - you want to be as comfortable as you can be.

Stylist Tip: style isn't always about sticking to what you know, evolution is a good thing - and this look evolved into a super-chic, rugged, evening looks - perfect for our glamped up evening.

Glamping Tip: If you haven't tried a reese's peanut butter cup s'more - you haven't lived. TRUST.

S'mores wasn't the only special treat that evening. As the sun went down and the stars shone bright, we gathered round the campfire, cozied up under our fleece blankets, gazed at the stars and made lasting memories. That night we walked back, scared of the dark and our shadows LOL (no, literally we spooked ourselves from our own shadows), with grateful hearts excited for day two in Montana!

The next day was going to be all about adventure and discovery so we needed to dress the part. Again- function and fashion needed to come together effortlessly, and so I decided to pair a girlfriend jean in an on-trend olive green with a lightweight chiffon peasant blouse (so I could be comfortable and cool). To top of the look, I accessorized in a major way with a rugged ankle boot, braided panama hat and a boucle knit poncho wrap that was EVERYTHING and more!


Also known as the day we went horse back riding, walked through endless fields, explored Big Sky Resort, had the biggest hamburgers of our lives, enjoyed some hot tub R&R, learned archery, had an interesting encounter with a deputy and still couldn't breathe due to the elevation.

Additionally known as the day I became an Olympic Grade Archer.

True Story : No Ginger's were harmed in the making of this photo. Why? Because I didn't actually go horseback riding. I fell off a horse like 8 years ago and legit have never been more scared of anything - so I won't ever be a ride or die chick -in the literal sense- ever again.

However, I am all about being a team player AND getting the shot so... I just hopped on the saddle of this big beautiful (terrifyingly large and a little-too-similar to "Brutus" who was the cause of all this PTSD ) beast for a picture :)

While I didn't enjoy horseback riding with the ladies, we did get to experience a super-fun activity together after lunch.. ARCHERY! This was probably the most fun (and the most competitive I've been- sorry girls!) in a while and it was a blast! The staff on the grounds were incredibly generous with their knowledge - and so while we were learning how to shoot a bow and arrow we also learned some uber interesting facts about the park, it's inhabitants and more!

As Nicole would say, #science.

We all wore cute, casual ensembles for our long day of adventures.

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Not only did we walk around some of the most beautiful areas of the park and learn the skill of archery, but we had a fun little competition that resulted in



Shout out to my fierce competitors - but there can only be one master!

Also, special thanks to Catherine's for being prepared with a victory prize - I haven't stopped wearing this vintage tassel handbag (or boasting about my win)!

Our trip ended the next morning with a beautiful breakfast followed by a few sad goodbyes. I had always wanted to explore Yellowstone, but never in my dreams would I have envisioned my experience to be like this.

And, while Catherines is the ultimate ones to thank (seriously, I love the Catherines team)- it really is you all, my readers/followers/friends/supports, who continue to like/share/follow/comment/post etc. and engage with me on a daily basis. It is because of all your support that I am allowed these life-changing experiences and for that, I THANK YOU.

All Photos Captured by the Incredible Talented: Lydia Hudgens

This trip allowed me some time to reflect and reconnect with the NOW. I am so grateful for how far I've come in my journey and so excited to see what is next. This glamping experience also reminded me how big this world really is & how much more I need to explore. I encourage you all to take the time, wherever/whenever/however you can and experience something new. There is a big, beautiful world waiting for us all <3


***The only impossible journey is the one you don't begin ***


This post is sponsored by Catherines, all opinions are my own.

Thank You, Catherines


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