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Newsday Feature: Big and Bold Fashion Is A Plus!

Another one. *in best DJ Khalid impression*.

Honestly, I am so humbled.

To think anything I have to say is worth putting in print is a true honor and I am so grateful to Joe Amodio and the Newsday team for continuing to trust my opinion and expertise.

Being in this industry can be disheartening, often times it feels we're sitting on the outskirts, and as a plus stylist its easy to get discouraged when you can't find the piece you're dreaming of in your head. But, times are changing. Brands are expanding their range. Companies are being more diverse and size inclusive. Visibly plus models are gracing advertisements and runways more than ever. AND plus influencers, editor, bloggers, designers, stylists, models and more are being seen, heard and appreciated for the work they've been doing.

Let's keep moving mountains... even if it's one stone at a time.

And, as always. THANK YOU ALL. Without followers, without loyal readers, without you all - this space is empty.

I'm glad you help me fill it



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