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Newsday Feature: Long Island's Fashion Influencer Stars!

January Newsday


I know, I know. Then why haven't I shared it sooner...

Well, because life happens.

Sometimes I forget to do things.

And sometimes I just completely disregard number 5 on my ongoing to-do list titled "5. Post Newsday Article to Blog" over and over and over again.

So, please forgive me.

I'm only human.

A stylish and funny (and featured in Newsday) human. But alas, only human.

So let's discuss....

I kicked off the new year with this amazing feature (special thanks to Anne Bratskeir) in Newsday. I know most of you probably don't know what Newsday even is, and that's ok. But for a Long Island-er (especially a life long LI'er like myself), It's a daily newspaper that primarily serves Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island, and its the LI press holy grail.

In other words: It's the paper that gets throw on every suburban lawn across the Island.

This was an amazing opportunity for every one of us girls, but especially for me.

Why? Because I am the ONLY plus size blogger featured. And that is what makes a feature like this so special, and worth posting about (five months later). It's the inclusivity of the article. The diversity!

Sure, it's cool to be in the paper. But what's cooler is to be in the paper, in an article that is inclusive and that is making it their business to accept AND appreciate the hard work of the blogging business. What is cool is to be in the company of a group of inspiring women, all with the same connector- Long Island. What is cool is being in this piece and becoming friends with the women you're sharing a page with. THAT is cool. And it is for that, and every other opportunity I have been afforded over the years, that I thank each and every one of you.

Thank You.

Thank you for following along.

Thank you for writing and emailing.

Thank you for DM'ing and sharing.

Thank you for liking and commenting.

Thank You.

Without followers, without loyal readers, without you all - this space is empty.

I'm glad you help me fill it :)

Also, Major thank you to my friends and family who saw this feature and acted like I won the Oscars. I really love your unwavering support, no matter how big or small.

In addition to this feature, I was also asked to be in a News 12 LI segment.

Be sure to follow all these incredible, inspiring ladies via the links below;


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