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Sonny & Dew: Specialty Skincare from a Local Long Islander!

Often times, I get caught up in the minutia of owning my own business. Being a full time stylist and blogger can be EXHAUSTING. But honestly, I'm so in love with what I do for a living I never really feel the exhaustion. It's there, trust me, but it's subtly lives in the background of my daily happiness! That being said, its still very easy to forget how great my job really is. I am my own boss, I have the freedom of spending time with my nieces (almost whenever I want), I get to be creative and (hopefully) inspire others to be the best versions of themselves through fashion & style. But what I love MOST about my job is the networking.

That's right, the networking!

Those opportunities where I get to meet new people whom I maybe never would have met otherwise. Inspiring, hard working, genuine people who each have their own interesting stories to tell. That's the best part of this!

And that's exactly what happened when I met Louise of Sonny and Dew!

After seeing my January feature in Newsday (shameless plug), Louise and her team (hey Rebecca!) reached out to me on Facebook inviting me to learn more about Louise's natural, handmade beauty product line, Sonny And Dew!

Follow them on instagram HERE

After spending the afternoon at Louise's along, Tresses & Colours Salon in East Islip (out on Long Island) trying out products and getting pampered, I was SO GLAD I saw that Facebook message! Louise is a family-focused entrepreneur, who is both gracious and humble. As I sat in her chair (getting a fantastic blowout!), we chatted about how she started the business back in 2014 after her Father-in-Law (whom she owned the salon with) passed away. She named the line after both her father and mother in law, Sonny and Dew! Being inspired by family is a huge part of my brand ethos - and Louise's as well. So naturally, we hit it off!

Sonny & Dew is a collection of handmade all natural products ranging from soaps, body butters & sugar scrubs to face serums, bath bombs and candles!

They are passionate about using all-natural, non-chemical ingredients across the entire product line, a belief that landed them on the Best of Long Island (Natural Beauty Products) list as #1 in both 2017 and 2018!

I picked Louise's brain about all the different products she offers, from scrubs and lotions to face serums and bath bombs, and learned a TON about the benefits of all natural products.

My sister Regina & (oldest) niece Sienna joined me that day, and the best part of all was having them with me to experience the product as well!

We suffer from sensitive, allergy-prone skin in our family. But Sienna, especially, is very limited as to which products she could use. As my sister and Louise reviewed ingredients and talked "mad scientist" together, we quickly realized Sienna could use ANYTHING in the Sonny and Dew product line! Of course, Sienna was thrilled!

And thanks to Louise, not only did I walk away with some of my favorite items (that are now go-to products in my skincare regimen), but Sienna did as well!  

I've swapped out a number of my non-natural beauty products for my Sonny and Dew all naturals and am IN LOVE w/ my new routine and it's results!

Here's whats on my shelf.....

  • This is a spa in a jar! This Eucalyptus & Spearmint in an herbal/minty invigorating scents!

  • Gently sloughs away dry skin cells to reveal a youthful and even skin tone!

  • Made of all natural ingredients including Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut and Sweet Almond Oils to nourish and deeply moisturize!

  • 4oz Jar of scrub lasts about 60 days!

  • Crave-worthy natural body butters condition the skin with a naturally decadent blend.

  • All natural invigorating blend of spearmint, eucalyptus, peppermint, ginger, and soothing aloe are brought together for this silky crème spa-in a jar 2.0!

  • Moisturizes and nourishes, with Shea Butter 

  • Hydrates and conditions skin for silky, smooth feel

  • Softens with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E 

*Sulfate, Paraben & Sodium Chloride Free*

Note: hair product line is made in lab and are the only products sold that are not handmade!

  • I have THIS to thank for my sexy beach hair lately!

  • This is ultra-light!

  • Meant for a root-to-tip application, this volumizer is designed to be weightless and has special styling polymers to amplify your locks!

  • Best Of All It Smells Like A Day At The Beach!

  • A super-serum that helps the skin look fresher, brighter, and smoother!

  • Vitamin C, Grape Seed extract, Argan oil, Green Tea extract and more come together in a potent blend of skincare LOVE!

  • Leaves skin looking healthy and glowing. 

  • NO Parabens, Sulfates  or Phthalates

  • This product is free of synthetic fragrance and synthetic dyes!

  • Perk Me Up Coffee Scrub has several benefits that include:

  • Exfoliating

  • anti-inflammatory properties

  • temporary reduction of cellulite

  • improved circulation

  • reduced eye puffiness

  • smooth skin.


Thank you, Louise, for sharing your story and for being so passionate about all-natural products. It was a real pleasure spending time w/ you , and you now have a Sonny and Dew customer for life!

Are you local to Long Island and would like to SHOP SONNY AND DEW?

  • Products available in-salon at Tresses & Colors Salon in East Islip.

  • Join Louise at her Summer Pop Up in Riverhead Tanger Outlets over Memorial Day Weekend. Friday, May 25 through Monday, May 28! ( Sonny & Dew will share space with Dazzlebar, a local jewelry business).

And you can always shop ONLINE at


**This post was in collaboration with Sonny And Dew.

All opinions are 100% my own. Because, duh!


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