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Sparkle, Shine & Stories for 2017

Ah yes, a new year….

There’s something about the “new year” that always makes me feel a bit strange. It’s like, I love the idea of a fresh start (who doesn’t, right?), but I don’t really buy into it all. The idea of creating a new, better me never seemed to stick because, in truth, I’m always trying to be a better version of the person I was yesterday, everyday – so why wait to January 1st? But then, there is the allure & the mystery of the New Year and all of its possibilities. It’s like a crisp new notebook, or an un-stamped passport- there are so many ways you can fill it up, so many unknowns that it’s thrilling to just imagine it all! That is the part of a “New Year” that I love.

It’s the hope, the possibility, the beauty of the unknown that motivates me.

I can’t pinpoint the moment I shifted gears, but at some point in my life I stopped making what I call, ‘surface resolutions’ and started making ‘positive adjustments’. For me, a resolution is about little changes that have monumental impact. Be kind, pay it forward, donate, volunteer, give back ….

This year I’ve embraced a new mantra “less stuff, more stories”. How I got to here is a long story and has to do with the weeks of reflection I had after I lost my mom this past November. I’ll spare you the emotions and the lengthy post, and cut to the chase- it’s a truth we all know yet continue to avoid. We know life isn’t about what you have it’s about who you have. We know life isn’t about the things you own, it’s about the experiences. But yet, we keep buying, we keep accumulating, we keep staying dialed in and we’re missing the point. At the end of the day, you can have all of the STUFF in the world, but it’s the STORIES that you’ll cling to. And so, this year (and hopefully every year for the rest of my life) will be about

“Less Stuff, More Stories”.

I implore you to try to embrace even a sliver of this mantra. I’ve spent the last 50+ days embracing it and already feel the joy!

And let me be clear about something, I am all in for my "less stuff, more stories" 2017, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a good outfit every now and then! I'm just trying to live my best life- and this look is helping me! A touch of sparkle & shine can add a pep into anyone's step - which is why this look from Fashion to Figure was PERFECT for my New Years. Plus, the skirt/pant combo is one of the pieces from the Essie X Kelly (*cough cough* they're my friends *cough cough*) Own The Night collection - and is AMAZING! Just as quickly as I'd wear this to a special event, I would wear it on a casual Friday when I just needed to be a little extra!

Style Tip: An all black ensemble with a play on texture is a perfect way to amp up a look without being over the top.

Photography: Courtney Siragusa

Listen, I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life - or what to do with it. Ya'll know I’m not a preaching type of gal!! But, if I can share with you the effect of less stuff, more stories- perhaps I can help you make 2017 special– as you all have helped make years past special for me. Because, after all, what is this blog without each of you?! (SO, side note- but major thanks).


Buy the clothes… but just make sure you’re making some memories when you wear them.

Upgrade the phone… but use it to take pictures at family dinner.

Get that new camera… but make sure you bring it with you on that bucket list trip.

Less stuff, more stories.


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