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Spring Styles feat.

I don't know about you guys, but the second a new season hits, I go through a whole "transition" to do list/ process. It's nothing new, per se, since I've been doing it for years, but without fail each season it happens... and I get SO excited about it!

Step 1: Self Care Refresh: Where I get a facial, hair cut, massage... the whole 9!

Step 2: Organizational Reset: Where I de-clutter my desk, my files, my laptop.. and just check in on my progress since the new year.

Step 3: Style Touch Up. Where I do a full closet clean out, evaluate my wardrobe and introduce some new styles!

I would love to say that I do all three steps in order, in a timely fashion. But, I DO NOT. I do them all over the course of about a month, and it's usually done here and there in between the massive amounts of work and constant flow of productive chaos that fills my life! Hey - its the freelance hustle baby!

Currently, I've been focused on STEP 3. The Closet clean out phase. Also known as the time where I create the biggest mess and realize I wear like 10% of my closet! Special shout out to my IG LIVE CLOSET SALE SHOPPERS - I have a REALLY GOOD ONE coming in APRIL!

Anyway, the de-cluttering of my wardrobe always helps me to evaluate my current closet and take into account what I wear, what I don't wear, what I am missing from my "essentials" and, the best part of all: it allows me to introduce new pieces for the season!

I know what you're thinking-" Oh Meaghan, you can easily introduce products into your wardrobe because you're a blogger, you get free stuff all the time".

Yes, this is true.

BUT one thing you all should know by now is I will NEVER review, share or do a sponsored post about product I don't personally love/use/wear/support/have tried.

Additionally, I try to share and post about products and brands I know are realistic options for everyone. IN short, I'm not sharing gucci loafers and Herrera gowns (though I wish I had that budget), I am sharing pieces that can be easily introduced into your wardrobe.

Cool? Cool.

Ok. So speaking of new brands I've tried that are great and affordable and can help you introduce some freshness into your wardrobe....

Meet, new plus fashion brand,

If you follow me on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK (which you should, obvi), you've seen some of these pics already! Lately, I've been sporting some of my new spring styles c/o my pals at in hopes of willing spring to happen. These NY dreary days have to come to an end at some point, right? Which is why I'm sharing them again here on the blog. To inspire you to start with your own personal "Step 3: Style Touch Up" and perhaps incorporate some of 's pieces into your closet!

Blouses, cardis, and more - curvy delivers high quality knitwear that fits great, feels luxe and lasts after wash & wear. Multiple color ways, different styles and lots of options for your personal style - its worth taking a look. I'm a BIG fan of this fluted sleeve sweater (it is so soft and fit beautifully.).

Fit note: I wear a size 2X in all knits.

Fine note (numero dos): I sized up in the floral blouse to a 3X for added length (you guys know I like my shirts to hit below my belly line).

Oh, and there is one more thing....

Almost everything is on sale right now, and you save an additional 40% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on your purchase when you

use code LLD40

at checkout. SO get shopping!


**Thank you to for sponsoring this post.

All opinions are 100% my own. Because, duh!


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