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The Perfect NYE Slipdress with JD Williams

There is nothing I love more than a shiny, sequin, standout dress. Except, of course, if said dress is inspired by the classic (yes, classic) 1995 film Clueless! I mean... AS IF I wouldn't style this with the film in mind! Keep reading for all the deets on this super sassy silver slipdress from JD Williams plus some of my tips for NYE dressing!

I am obsessed with the holiday season. Like, seriously in love with everything Christmas, New Years and more! I love the tree trimming, the music (**cough cough Mariah Carey Christmas Album cough cough **), the decorating and the endless amounts of twinkle lights. But why I REALLY love the holiday season is because it brings everyone together. Have you ever noticed that? December 1st hits and voila- no one is "too busy" anymore. Year after year, I look forward to the parties and the invites because it means I'll get to spend time with loved ones, both old and new, and celebrate the love we have for each other.

The invites don't discriminate either! Work events, family events and even reunions with old friends! It's the magic of the season that reminds everyone just how special this life is and how important it is for us to celebrate it. And, whether you believe it or not, that's the truth because I say so and this is my blog LOL!

So, with all the fun happenings happening, I decided to team up with my friends at JD Williams to help get you ready for a stylish season. First up? A sassy, shiny, stylish slipdress that will have you ringing in New Years Eve in style....

Beauty Tip: Looking for the perfect red lip!? I've found it ... Nars Dragon Girl <3

This metallic silver cami slipdress from JD WIlliams seemed like the perfect piece for a fun New Years Eve look!

Two things happened when I put this slipdress on..

1) I quickly realized it was too revealing ( which is saying a lot for me as I do love a good cleavage moment)

2) This was not practical for a NYC NYE!

I mean, NYC & NYE can be so unpredictable with weather (read: freezing temps and a major possibility for snow) so I decided to pair it with a cozy black turtleneck for the perfect 90's / Clueless inspired touch! I love a good layered look and this seemed like the right moment for it! I decided to add a rock n roll vibe to the full look by adding a leather moto jacket & my new Kendall & Kylie silver pumps, but feel free to add your own personal twist! Need ideas? Go glam with a faux fur, layer up with leggings and over the knee boots, use an oxford white button down in lieu of a turtleneck or throw a chunky knit over the dress and rock it as a skirt! The possibilities are endless!

Style Tip: A black turtleneck is a MUST have for any closet. I usually by two for the season- one in a size 18/20 for when I wear it as is and want it to fit well with jeans/separates etc. & one in a 14/16 for when I wear it layered underneath another garment (like this!) and want it to fit snugly! You certainly don't need to do the same, but I find when you're using something as a layer it's best if it fits well/snugly to the body so it doesn't create any bulging etc.

Dress c/o JD Williams



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