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White After Labor Day feat.

Labor Day.....

Ah yes, the unofficial- official- yet still kinda- unofficial close to summer. Also, the moment where everyone begins to debate whether or not white after labor day is acceptable. What? You know I'm right!! #whiteafterlaborday

Personally, I am a BIG fan of white all year round. Actually, I'm a big fan of wearing whatever makes you feel GREAT. But, I know a lot of people struggle with the idea of transitioning their summer whites beyond the days of balmy nights and sandy toes. Which is why I styled two of my latest curvy contemporary pieces around an all white look to show you that not only can you wear your whites year round, but its actually quite simple to transition them for a wear to work look as well!


Listen, its still 87 degrees in NY. Sure, we're all "fall fashion is coming" and "pumpkin spice whatever" but in reality, our seasons have changed and summer has been sticking around well into September. So while I'm just as eager as you are to throw on my riding boots and hit the orchards, it's just not time yet - and dressing that way is NOT practical. So, I'm dressing in my bright whites well into the coming weeks.

This pleated ivory blouse from was the perfect easy, breezy blouse for a day out in the heat running errands. Honestly, September is busy for me so grabbing lightweight, easy to wear, polished pieces like this blouse make dressing and getting my to do list handled, THAT much easier.


Sometimes I'm slinging garment bags and stomping down Fashion Ave in sandals. Other times, I'm attending showroom appointments and meeting new clients. Both times, I'm handling business but the latter requires a bit more panache! SO, I can easily take a more casual look and add simple, polished touches to elevate the ensemble.

When I got this gold detail black cardi from my friends at , I knew this was going to be my grab & go layer for September. Its so comfortable, but the gold details really make it stand out among the sea of other black pieces I own. Just a touch of something special. I paired it with the same pieces from look one, added the black sweater, black shoes and a handbag (all w/ subtle gold details) and BOOM - polished and chic all while still wearing WHITE!

As you guys know, I recently partnered with Introducing the brand to you over the past few weeks has been so fun! Fresh, updated pieces each month, lots of sale and discounted items and above all else, QUALITY CLOTHING. continues to deliver high quality, well made, items that can work well with your pre-existing wardrobe. I have some more September picks coming your way this month, but I wanted to share this all white challenge, and encourage you all to continue to wear your bright whites into the fall. In fact, I'm so enamored with the idea that we can encourage each other to push boundaries that I decided to start an #lldstylechallenge ! So, throw on your whites, make sure to tag and hashtag your look and you just may be entered to win something fun! (HINT: FREE THINGS YALL).

Don't forget if you shop at you can save 40% off your entire purchase by using code, LLD40!

Happy shopping, and be sure to share with me what white pieces you're incorporating into your fall wardrobe by posting online and using the hashtag ' #lldstylechallenge '!

**Thank you to for sponsoring this post.

All opinions are 100% my own. Because, duh!


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